2011 Book List – 26 Books in 1 Year

As I wrote about in some of my first blog posts, The Biweekly Book Reader, Part 1 and Part 2 , I’m on a mission to read 26 books this year, or an average of one every two weeks. I’ve actually read two entire books already, a marked improvement over the statistics of previous weeks and months, but neither were in the genres I intend to keep track of and write about here.

The books I’m hoping to read for my own education and for purposes of this challenge will have topics related to my work – specifically marketing, public relations, nonprofits, hunger, social media, writing/editing, and others along those lines. And both to keep myself accountable and get your input, I’m posting a list here of all 26. This list is subject to change, but I’m excited about it, as I feel it represents books from the following categories:

  1. Books many people in and out of my field that I respect seem to be familiar with or have recommended.
  2. Books written by people I know and/or interact with in real life or on Twitter and other sites.
  3. Books about best practices, niche markets, and cool tips and tools – unique books.
  4. Books about helping people – one of my greatest goals in anything I do.
  5. Books I own and have been intending to read for…a long time (or ones I won recently!).

I also got several great ideas from these book lists from Tom Moradpour and Dave Fleet.

In the spirit of “less is more” I’ve only posted subtitles where I felt the books were less familiar or the title was not self-explanatory. In semi-random order, here’s the list (images and links are to Amazon Associates affiliate pages – linked where possible to the edition I’ll be reading, which may not be the most recent):

Hopefully this gives a visual image of my bookshelf for you – if you’re curious why I chose a certain book, feel free to ask in the comments! I’ll be sure to add links to any reviews I write in between all this reading as I post them. I’ll also be sharing some of my strategies and ideas for reading soon, so be sure to check back or subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.


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  • http://juliensmith.com Julien

    Hi! Glad you’re doing this, you’re going to enjoy it. :)

    I notice you pretty much have all marketing and productivity books. I read 52+ books a year (3 years running), would you like some suggestions for something a little different?

    Either way, congratulations on your decision to do this. :)

    • Olivia

      Absolutely…! I really enjoyed what I’ve read of your blog so far, but didn’t see a book list all in one place. If you’re willing to take the time to recommend a few others, I promise I’ll read at least one of them!

      As a side note, part of the limited variety aspect just has to do with the focus of this particular site/blog – I’ve been reading (and writing about – on a private blog) other books as well.

      And thanks for the encouragement; I love that people don’t have to be either readers OR computer-savvy individuals, but both can be very complementary!

  • http://www.elianevans.com Elian Evans

    WOW what a line up. I’m going to use your list as well. However I like to alternate business related books with lighter stuff. Good luck I look forward to further interaction with @SarahRobinson ‘s #28Days.

    • Olivia

      Thanks, Elian! I’m a little behind, but still making far more progress than I otherwise would have, I think. I too like to alternate the biz books with those from other categories…I just don’t write about them here as much, given the focus of this blog. Great to “meet” you over at Escaping Mediocrity – best of luck and I’ll see you around!