The Biweekly Book Reader, Part 2

…But it would take more than Starbucks to get me reading again…my inspiration would end up coming from a world of hashtags, links and succinct posts made up of 140 characters. The world of Twitter. Cont. from Part 1

Twitter: A Source of Inspiration

Good company in a journey makes the way to seem the shorter. – Izaak Walton

Somewhere in the middle of all this wishful thinking I came across fellow Twitter user @thebookmaven (Bethanne Patrick). Her bio says it all: Blogger, book reviewer, author interviewer, author –but above all, a reader. In other words, Bethanne loves books, as do I. I quickly learned that she’d started a popular meme on Twitter called #fridayreads. The idea was to post, every Friday, a Tweet saying what book you were currently reading.

The only problem was, I wasn’t reading any. I had plans to read books, but I wasn’t yet.

And then I came across this in my Twitter feed:

Thomas Moradpour

@TomMoradpour Thomas Moradpour
To all: do it! RT @davefleet: How to read 26 books in a year… and the books I read in 2010:

26 books sounded reasonable! I read Dave’s article, and clicked through to a post he credited as his inspiration: How to Read a Book A Week by Julien Smith (co-author of Trust Agents with Chris Brogan – which no, I have not read yet). @julien’s article listed three tips that I found particularly helpful: 1) Use every moment 2) Stay ahead of schedule so you can take breathers 3) It’s okay to “cheat” with a short, easy read once in a while.

I was sold. I knew I could read the equivalent of one book every two weeks if I put my mind to it, but it wasn’t so pathetically easy that it wouldn’t be a challenge either.

I tweeted back:
@TomMoradpour @davefleet My “read more” goals have been nebulous or too vast lately; think I’ll take you/@julien up on the challenge. Thx!

To which I got these replies:

davefleet davefleet
@journeyscript @tommoradpour @julien Great to hear! Let us know how it goes…

Julien Smith
julien Julien Smith
@journeyscript Olivia it’s about time you stepped up to the plate. ;)

I appreciated the encouragement. And when a newspaper reporter asked me if I had a New Year’s Resolution, I was excited to share my plan. I could tell publicly stating my goal was helping me make even more of an effort towards achieving it. On Jan. 1st (a Saturday), I read my first book. I’m well into my second & the week’s not even over yet!

Journeyscript: A Biweekly Book Reader

I’ve decided to make my official list (which, like Dave’s, will be flexible) mostly marketing & social media related books, and count any others as gravy (e.g. the book I read on Haiti last weekend), so The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott, which is the book I’m working on right now, will be my first for the official list.

My other main goal for the year was to blog regularly (at least once a week), and it’s a nice added benefit that my reading will likely inspire some blog posts, both as reviews and also posts that apply and share what I’m learning in my reading. I’m looking forward to once again having books to discuss with friends and acquaintances.

If you want to join me in pursuing this challenge, it’s never too late to start. Remember, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I’ll post my book list (which I’m still formulating) soon; if you have one to share (or book recommendations), feel free to link up below…I’ll be sure to take a look!


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