10 Ways to Do Good with Social Media

Be an Example
If people see you having fun volunteering and donating, they’re more likely to do it too.

Connect People with Resources & Opportunities
As a regular user of social media, you have many great tools at your fingertips.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pick a Cause
There are a lot of controversial causes out there, but helping others is important!

Volunteer to Serve with Your Social Media Skills
Many nonprofit organizations need help in the social media/tech/web arena!

Write a Public Thank You
Use social media to write an open thank you letter (or status) to encourage an org.

Take Pictures at Events, Nonprofit Offices, Etc…
Pictures are visual proof that something is working – a great way to spread the word.

Write a Blog Post
Let others know about your favorite nonprofit, why you serve, or how they can help.

Become Armed With Facts
Read books and articles on your favorite topics and learn Tweetable statistics to share.

Sponsor an Event, Organization, or Campaign
Your company/organization gains positive brand awareness when it promotes service.

Ask Leading Questions
What matters to your friends/connections? What do they know about “do good” needs?

What are your ideas for doing good with social media?


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  • http://kansasleadershipcenter.org @thomasstanley

    Another good thing to do good with social media is meet people you would never normally meet. Have coffee and learn about them

    • Olivia

      I like this idea. I’ve connected with several people recently in the local area on LinkedIn that I’d like to get to know better in person.

  • http://www.superdumbsupervillain.com Naomi

    These are great. I think that sharing is the best way to learn- everyone is an expert at something!

    • Olivia

      I completely agree! I’ve learned so much via my online friends, including finding out about great organizations and specific ways I can help others!

  • http://www.hopescribbles.wordpress.com Elisabeth Allen

    I really enjoyed this post – nice and short (I’m a big fan of “quick and easy to read” at the moment! :) ), but packed with great ideas! I especially like #1! Thank you for sharing!

    • Olivia

      Thanks, Elisabeth! This was a recent topic at a monthly social media discussion group/meeting I attend. I know I always appreciate it when I see the people who are asking for time or money also donating their own, so I try to do the same before/when asking others to help a cause I particularly care about. I know you do the same, and I appreciate your comment!