Water: A Delicious Drink

Today’s drink du jour was once again, water. I didn’t grow up drinking juice or pop much; water was what we always chose at restaurants (perhaps a kid’s cup of lemonade once in a while), and on rare occasions we’d pick up a liter or two of root beer to go with pizza. In the last couple years at college I’ve had pop on slightly more frequent occasions, but what I really love now, is coffee.

Coffee to me is symbolic of so much that is comfortable and delicious and friendly in life, and while I have it at most once a week on average (don’t want to get addicted, and don’t want to put all my funds in that direction!), if that, it’s a luxury I delight to afford myself with regularly when possible.

So it felt a bit odd when I walked into the coffee shop today for a social media meeting with a friend…and ordered just a water. Really, today has been much easier than yesterday, when I had a headache. Even though my stomach growled more than once in class, I really didn’t feel all that hungry (although the heightened sense of smell that comes with fasting definitely made every food I came near seem particularly attractive and delicious).

When I joined my young siblings later on after my meeting, they were insistent that I smelled like coffee and must have had some…to which I laughed and explained I actually hadn’t (very rare if I enter a coffee shop). I’ve realized again today that much of my time is spent thinking about or eating food. I usually grab a snack here, eat breakfast in front of my computer there… It actually opens up a rather large window of time for study and other projects to not be eating…although I’ll be glad of course to get back to savoring food of almost every kind.

Later, I joined my family for time together around the dinner table (a most tasty-looking salad and pizza were on the menu). I think on the one hand it makes sense sometimes to avoid temptation and stay away from food sources altogether when fasting…but once again, I was glad to have the reminders that this was a choice I was making for myself, a choice that others didn’t have. I know I’ve heard of many, many stories of people in third-world countries that still smile despite their circumstances, and aren’t focused on what they don’t have. In this case I had the stories and laughter of my family to share, and a nice tall glass of cool, clean, refreshing water.

Recently it was World Water Day (Mar. 8th), and I shared a picture over on Tumblr from a very cool campaign that Charity:Water was doing to help people think about what life would be like without water, called “Water Changes Everything.” I’ve been very impressed with this organization’s creative ways of getting the word out about this important need – they’re well-regarded in nonprofit circles as a positive example of using marketing efforts for a cause.

At my school, computer science is in the College of Engineering, and last semester I had the opportunity to participate in a group called Engineers Without Borders. One of the things that really stuck out to me was a statistic referenced (which I still need to research in greater depth) about how a large number of wells installed in Africa were non-functional within a few years, due to a variety of reasons from a lack of maintenance to villagers not trusting something installed by an outside organization, etc… EWB tries to make sure it works in coordination with the local community to develop projects that locals are personally invested in and can maintain.

To me, this is so important. I want to support and promote organizations that are taking sustainable actions toward long-term change. I recognize that sometimes stop-gap or temporary measures are needed, but my heart is to see communities become self-sustaining. That’s why Numana not only participates in disaster relief, but also focuses on school feeding programs that promote education and empower a rising generation of leaders that can help to change the course of countries like Haiti for the better.

But even more than food, water is a critical, foundational resource. And for me today, it was delicious.

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