Digital Wichita: May 18, 2011

For me, part of the joy of social media is that through it I have deepened my existing friendships in many cases, and made many new acquaintances that I later met and connected with in person.

One bridge from the online world to the “real life” one (funny how that’s what we put in quotes these days) in my community is called Digital Wichita, a group that meets once a month at a local coffee shop to discuss the latest happenings in social media, marketing, and technology, as well as share ideas, mention upcoming events of interest, and of course, enjoy coffee and a light breakfast since it starts at 7:30 in the morning!

I might be starting to sound like a broken record, but because of my busy college schedule this past semester, on most occasions I was unable to join the group for their informal meetings. So it was a welcome treat to rejoin them now that the semester is over, and chat with the 16 people in attendance (great turnout) today. In case you’re curious, those who came included:

  • @jdpatton
  • @superdumb
  • @jennyboyd77
  • @Cox_Jessica
  • @jdecesaro
  • @kdecesaro
  • @teamup22
  • @ted3davis
  • @JenniferLKeller/@redcrossks
  • @RevCindyLee
  • @klohrenz
  • @StephanieHuff77
  • @susandyer
  • @socialfocusbyCG
  • @toddramsey
  • @journeyscript/@NumanaInc (me)
  • one more, whose Twitter handle I didn’t catch…

We got off to a late start, at five till 8 a.m., with introductions around the table (always fun to welcome a few new faces), and then got started talking about community service-type events that Digital Wichita members had participated in since last time or are planning to soon, such as a #bleedup with the Red Cross, and a build with Habitat for Humanity.

The Digital Wichita website domain has lapsed, and discussion took place on whether to keep the name or to associate ourselves more obviously with the Social Media Breakfast Club (we’re already a sub-chapter/affiliate, but weren’t sure if the “Breakfast” label would limit us). We talked about how it could help bring new traveling visitors or speakers to the group.

Conversation then shifted to upcoming events in the social media world. A quick list follows, and you can find more info on the Facebook Group page, or by searching the Twitter hashtag #digitalICT. You can also find a Twitter list of group members here. (We do have a website, but are currently in transition – link to be added later.)

Last, but not least, we discussed ways to improve productivity online, as well as the impacts of gamification on business and social media. One tool that was shared by Katie Lohrenz, for helping get through one’s email inbox faster was The Email Game, while Todd Ramsey mentioned both Obtract, an app that makes you complete a maze if you spend too long on a distracting site, and RescueTime, which helps you rank sites according to level of distraction and block them out when you need to focus for a period of time.

With that, we broke for a few last minute individual conversations before people had to get to the office, and as they say, a good time was had by all.




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