Summer: The Fun of Business

As a busy college student, by the end of the semester school can feel like the only thing I have time for. But I took my last final today, and that means that for me, summer has begun. The past two summers I’ve taken 3-5 credit hours, but this year I’m taking the summer completely off from any official school. It won’t, however, be devoid of learning. In fact, I have a number of skills and projects I intend to work on, from further developing my programming skills to improving my photography knowledge and experience.

One of the things I’m most excited about is expanding my freelance marketing and social media business, and generally getting back into a connected world of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues on blogs, Twitter, and beyond. I’ve opted not to take on a traditional summer job, and instead, focus on my freelance business as something that allows me to do what I love (with the added benefit of being on a semi-flexible schedule): helping people, networking, learning about technology, and getting the word out about useful resources and great products and services.

In the past few months, I’ve slowly but surely begun to make preparations and do research on a number of topics from taxes to P.O. boxes, started to build my brand by purchasing this domain name and business cards (and am having a lot of fun giving them out), and looked into advertising and hosting social media workshops. Already I have more than enough business to keep me well-occupied for a while, which is very nice. I was particularly excited to be asked to speak at a workshop next month on nonprofits and social media which is held annually, and which I went to just as a participant/attendee last year.

Just today, I received another book in the mail, which I won in the last week or two on Facebook. I’m looking forward to reading it and a number of other business books from my list for the year soon. Other projects planned include starting a Facebook Page for my business, creating my portfolio here on my website, and getting a post schedule in place for myself.

I know myself well enough to not put a public timeline on those items…life is already busy and will get busier, and in general, the needs of my clients (which they’ve graciously let me put on hold with school demands) must come first. But I’m still excited to be back, to have you reading, and to be sharing once again. I’d love to hear your plans for the summer and/or business; feel free to comment below!


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