The Flying Stove!

I was sitting at my desk, working on various tasks, when I started hearing someone talk about The Flying Stove, and how it was just down the street today – and they were serving burritos.

Curious, I kept listening and asked some questions of my own, adding to the others flying around the office – did they have a website? Did they take credit cards? Vegetarian options?

The answers turned out to be yes (in progress – ’cause I don’t think they serve Lorem Ipsum, though I have a feeling that would be a literary treat as worth trying as C.S. Lewis’s “Turkish Delight”), yes (learned via a quick phone call that was immediately and cheerfully answered, from what I gathered), and yes (this was discovered via the website).

What was there to lose? A whole bunch of colleagues decided to step out into the chilly but sunny day and walk en masse over to the mobile restaurant, described on the company’s Twitter page as “Bad Mutha Food Trucka-Gourmet Street Cuisine.”

I got there shortly afterwards, and could immediately see the fun of it all, from the way the truck/bus was decorated to the conversation happening while in line.

Not to mention the colorful menu board (which, by the way, was easy to read, had handy tax-included even-dollar prices, and great food titles and descriptions). Then they turned on the music and it got even better.

It was a bit chilly outside, especially in the shade, and my colleagues decided to take their food back to the office.

However, in the sun it was quite pleasant, and I opted for some Vitamin D as I ate my delicious “Flying Burrito” – marinated (tender!) chicken, heirloom tomatoes, and mint raita, according to the menu board.

Arleigh's Delicious Burrito

I’d chosen to get a “main” for $7, but I could have added a side and drinks for two bucks.

And believe me, after tasting a friend’s “truffle herbed fries,” I made a note to strongly consider that option next time!

The guy at the counter told me to tell him how I liked the food, and I came back to say it was delicious – I’d blog, tweet, the whole bit. And here I am.

If you catch wind that they’re in your area (by the way, Twitter and Facebook are really good for that), they’re definitely worth checking out.

Bring your friends, take pictures, enjoy the experience.

And then tell me about it – I want to hear. And I’m sure, so do they.


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