Posting Progress

It’s a week into the new year, and I’m here to report back about my progress.

My work these days is largely Boxcar, but I’m still doing freelance work for Numana, Chautauqua Hills Farm, and sometimes others on the side.

It’s very gratifying to get comments back at Boxcar like:

In the past week I helped complete the editing and posting of an e-book on considerations with regards to successfully growing blueberries for Chautauqua Hills Farm.

I also made further progress in reading through the Howard Schultz book, and had a positive email exchange with a local business.

And just before the end of the year, I finally bit the bullet and got a P.O. Box, so I could let domain privacy expire here and start an (infrequent) e-newsletter if I want. So my Contact page will likely soon be being updated!

Excited about that, and look forward to having more to report soon!


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