Booking Progress

I was thinking about the reading I’ve been doing lately (mentioned in my last post), and came up with the title of this post as a play on that and the verb form of the word “book” (to enter in a book or list; record; register).

This past week has involved a lot of moving and sorting (shifting bedroom/office space between two floors). I’ve also had time to pick blueberries (very relaxing to be away from technology for a little while and just enjoy time in the outdoors with sounds of nature around me), meet for lunch with former coworkers, attend an engineering job fair, meet a potential employer, and participate in a phone interview.

One of the things I’m excited about with my move to a new space is that I’m putting some of my not-very-frequently-used books in storage for a while and filling my remaining shelves with books I really want to read, want to loan out, or am in the middle of. Many of these books are listed in earlier blog posts here and were written in the last decade or two, and I think just having them handier will help me be that much more likely to pick them up to read a few pages here and there over time. Plus they look really nice lining my walls.

I’m in the process of sorting out the next week; I still have some minor moving/packing to do, and of course continued work on skill development, client projects, and the job-hunt. I’ll look forward to having more to report come next week – for now, I’m just sticking to a regular posting schedule even when there’s not a lot new to report on the business front.


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