TECT Aerospace: Engineering Solutions Intern

This week will be my first full week in a position I just accepted at TECT Aerospace as an intern assisting the V.P. of Engineering Solutions with data collection, analysis, systems integration and optimization. I had my first day on Friday, and am looking forward to a rewarding challenge that will utilize skills from my growing background and interests in both business and engineering.

I had the opportunity to see one of our factories already in person, and we manufacture some important parts using interesting technology, which I’m excited to learn more about. It’s also a blessing that I will be able to work full-time over the summer and then work around my school schedule (I have one year left before I earn my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering) in the fall. Additionally, this job is even more conveniently located than the one I had before.

In terms of changes for my social media/marketing clients, really there are none at this point, other than being less available during business hours. For the types of industries and sizes of businesses I work with, prescheduled posts are a reasonable option (in moderation), and I can keep on top of emails and other client work in the evenings.

Finally, I’m looking into completing a practice electronics design project over the summer with a friend and the help, coaching, and resources of another friend. I have a senior design group project I’ll need to begin work on this fall for my degree, and I think I’d do well to practice and gain some of that experience beforehand so it goes smoother when it comes time for the real thing. Meanwhile, I keep learning and reading in several arenas, and am excited about where I’m headed.


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