Effective Improvement

In some areas, things are entirely new for me. For example, I have a new full-time job and no longer work at either Boxcar or Numana. (I need to take the time to update my resume, LinkedIn, and create a portfolio at some point!)

But in other areas, I’m finding that the best way to pick up new skills, learn new things, and generally grow is to build on already learned skills and information and connect the dots to increase my understanding and expertise.

This past week that has looked like picking up my DSLR camera a little more than usual and taking some photo tips from friends on positioning, the rule of thirds, and holding your breath when you snap a shot. Photography really is a skill I want to develop, to where I consistently take crisp photos that really capture emotions and expressions, and understand my settings reasonably well.

Another area I’ve made modifications and adjusted my habits is in blog-writing. With the advent of summer, I decided to make a more formal effort to blog once a week here, and this is my sixth week doing so on this blog. I’ve blogged even more frequently (daily for the most part) on a personal blog.

And finally, especially while I have more time before college starts back up, I’m taking the opportunity to network as I can…meet a friend in the social media industry for lunch, pass on information on social media for nonprofits workshop to another connection I was speaking with today, and invite a client to consider speaking at Smalltown 140 this fall.

The little adjustments are adding up, and I’m really pleased with how I see things coming together over time. I hope your summer is going equally well, and invite you to share in the comments about any small changes you’re making to shift your long-term habits in your business and overall life.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/cheryl.gnad Cheryl Gnad

    Olivia, you are a gem to talk to! Thanks for the lunch visit. You are aware of your self growth and that puts you ahead of many. Keep your eyes open for each and every opportunity to say hi, and take those “next” steps. You are young enough that by the time you are 30+ with a husband and family, you will have learned what it takes to be successful and can do it from home or on the job! You can create your own business if you so desired too. Learn everything you can to be a strong business woman, learn it NOW not later. There will be plenty of roadblocks and excuses to maneuver around by that time. Many people wait and then never get to do. Stay in touch!

    • http://www.journeyscript.com/ Olivia Fletcher


      It was my pleasure! Thanks for taking the time to meet and comment too. Great suggestions.