Gearing Up for Fall

Last week I had lunch with a friend/acquaintance in the social media/marketing industry. We chatted about current trends, exchanged tips, and caught up on current happenings. A couple days before that I talked with another acquaintance who’s looking to move from a current position to a new job in that arena, potentially with a nonprofit. And last night I talked with yet another woman who loves what I get to do (at my current full-time job) and some of the related process/optimization work connected with it.

I’m not looking for a job for myself right now, as I’m quite satisfied where I’m at, but with so many friends looking, I’ll be keeping my ears open for any open relevant positions to share. I added several new colleagues from my new position as connections on LinkedIn today, and wonder if that may trigger several of them to update their profiles a little bit. :)

I may be speaking at a workshop on branding yourself in August, and am also looking forward to the Smalltown 140 Conference, which I hope to attend for the 3rd time this year, as another networking source. This week I was added as an admin for a second Facebook page, run by a current client, so that’s also positive.

I still find I have a little time left over after my max of 40 hours at my new job sometimes. I’m still debating where to best put that (there are a lot of options, including college prep, room organization, client work, and more), but one of the things I love about social media is its ability to facilitate real-world connections.

People I’ve met online from around the country I’ve gotten to also meet in person because of the wonders of email, Facebook, and technology. Those same people I can also meet with for lunch in person, or call up for a more personal “how are you doing?” That’s exactly where I’m trying to take my use of of social these days. Consistent, even if that just means weekly, and aimed at establishing real relationships that carry back and forth between the online sphere and real life.

For the next week though, that “free” time will need to go towards preparing for fall classes, which start in just a month. I hope to finish figuring out which tech electives I’ll be taking, order my books, and jump through some other school-related hoops as well. The summer is flying by, but every week brings more progress, and it feels great to be documenting that here.


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