July Jottings

The past week has been fairly quiet on the freelance side of things, but plenty busy at my full-time job. I met for lunch mid-week with former colleagues and enjoyed a good chat, as usual. Both of them have some very interesting opportunities opening up in front of them (including internationally), and it’s exciting to see. The next day, I learned that the company they (and I) used to work with, Boxcar, was sold to Kwaga, based in Paris. Boxcar’s former CEO and founder, Jonathan George, will join the Kwaga board as an adviser. Interesting developments.

I mentioned in my last post that I’d added several new colleagues on LinkedIn, and speculated that they might update their profiles…and that’s exactly what happened. I think when you move from one job to another without going through the typical job search process, or maybe without a desire to flag that fact, it can be harder to remember to update when your position does change. I also briefly touched base with one of the contacts I made through an Entrepreneur Connection breakfast put together by my college last year.

I still have most of the same to-do’s on the school front that I did last week, but I hope to quickly make progress there. With all the time I spend on the computer at work, I’m trying to make sure I maintain balance and do things in other arenas of life where I’m not just glued to a screen. This week, that included things like attending a music theater production, taking a 9-10 mile bike ride, and visiting a friend to chat, play games, relax, and have dinner together. I really think all of those things are relevant to my business success and potential growth too.


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