Milestones: New Half of the Year

Milestones like New Year’s Day can seem arbitrary, but sometimes I find them helpful at the same time. They break up the routine and help you feel like you’re starting fresh. Now that we’re in July, half of the year is gone, and we’ve got just another 6 months to make the rest of the year count.

For me, that means another month and a half as a full-time intern, and then part-time work during my second-to-last semester of college before graduation.

It’s been interesting to see how opportunities have continued to open up even since obtaining my new position.

First I was invited to speak at another social media event, then told about another digital marketing position that might be open for me now or down the road if I wanted, and finally given yet another lead on the social media client front.

Ironically, having an 8-5 workweek and trying (for now at least) to keep it to that and not go into overtime, plus no longer feeling responsible to go job-hunt, means my evenings feel more free for such types of projects, which is great.

Blueberry season just wrapped up for this year, right about the time higher temperatures started forcing people back inside. And while I took a week off from posting for Numana (thanks to the gracious generosity of my social media colleague Jon), I plan to get back into crafting posts for that this week.

I had an enjoyable lunch with former colleagues, and was excited to hear of some of their recent accomplishments and the new opportunities opening up for them as well. I really like being so conveniently located for meetings with other people working in the area. Just this week I learned that a friend’s relative works in my same building.

And to wrap up, speaking of milestones, I did finally put up real pictures on Twitter and LinkedIn instead of my long-standing Washington landscape pic. I posted a blog comment today, and am hoping to be more engaged in that way too, even if it ends up being solely an evening activity for me. Have a great week!



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