Summer Minuterie

I just randomly flipped through my Oxford Foreign Words & Phrases reference book. The French word “minuterie” stood out to me, a noun related to the concept of clockwork or a timing mechanism, and meaning “(An electric light controlled by) a light switch incorporating a timing mechanism to turn it off automatically after a short time.”

Summer feels like that, for all the long days and evenings…because when you’re in college you know that one day will follow another for a short season and then one day the next day will not be like the other. Fall will arrive very soon, and with it a number of classes and a shift in work schedule to part-time work. That’s what I spent part of my Fourth of July holiday working on; figuring out which tech elective classes to take.

Those in industrial and manufacturing engineering would be most relevant to my current job, those in computer science very relevant to my degree and interests, those in electrical engineering would be where my friends are.

Naturally, I mapped out my options (including class sections for scheduling, prerequisite requirements, whether I was remotely interested) in a set of color-coded spreadsheets, a process not yet completed. But it felt like good progress to get as far as I did with the project. :)

I recently completed a couple scholarship applications as well. I’d be glad to be able to reduce the cost of my fall tuition in that way, especially since nearly all current earnings are directed primarily towards that expense.

This week promises to be full of work, meetings, and events, but I’m looking forward to it. In the meantime, my summer Sunday manual minuterie plans signal it’s almost time for sleep.


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