Anchors Aweigh

May 9, 2013 | Comments Off on Anchors Aweigh | Seasonal Updates

I didn’t realize it would be a full semester before I wrote on this blog again when I wrote my last post, A Semester Away. Now, as I write a follow-up post (inspired, in part, by this wonderful blog post by Ashleigh Baker – Simple Stories [An Invitation to Old-Fashioned Blogging], which I found through a post on Beautiful Song), I am about to enter an entirely new season, and much has changed.

At the time of my previous post, I was 5 months away from graduating, nearly to the day. Now I’m only 9 days away. My orange tassel, honor cord, and cap and gown are all ready to go.

As I mentioned I might, I chose a “light” semester of 12 hours (that included a programming class, senior design project, thermodynamics, and electronic circuits 2). It’s gone well, I’ve learned a lot, enjoyed my classes, as usual, and am just a paper, program, and three finals away from the finish line.

A couple weeks after I mentioned job options I was considering, I chose to sign with Garmin as a Software Engineer in their Aviation department, which also means moving to Kansas City. I don’t start till July, allowing me to take time to graduate, move, get situated, and hopefully do some travel before settling into my new position. It’s still all going by very quickly. The past five months have zoomed by, taking me past multiple milestones, allowing me to travel to KC and TX, and filling my memory banks with places, people, and experiences I’ll remember for a long, long time.

I regret that I can’t be in two places and do two things at once, as I love my current job and colleagues as well. Our team has grown, and we’re working on important and exciting projects. Part of my task in this transition phase is to train the intern who will replace me, a job I take seriously, and enjoy. Both my former and current boss have been great to work for, and it has been a win-win situation I believe for all concerned. I’m blessed to share lunches and life with my colleagues, in addition to my work time, and they’ve thoughtfully planned a going-away party for me (yay!).

I’ve decided with the learning curve of a new job and the newness of living on my own and in a new place, I’ll not start a grad program this fall. I do hope to potentially start one next spring, however, in electrical or computer engineering…or possibly another related field (or an MBA). I’m still doing very occasional marketing and social media work for my blueberry farm client, and will probably be expanding my efforts for another related company of his once I finish up with school.

As I look ahead, I’m excited about getting involved in the tech/startup/IT/maker community of KC, embarking on new adventures as a young professional (already purchased my season tickets to the KC Symphony!), decorating my own place, and always, always continuing to learn and develop new and existing skills.

Thanks for reading…anchors aweigh!