About Journeyscript

About the Name: Each of our lives is a journey, and as we encounter roadblocks and setbacks, choose to follow certain twists and turns in the pathway, and travel with other journeyers, each of us is at the same time both writing and following a script. “Journeyscript” is a word that merges the ideas of planning and spontaneity, careful research and random discovery, purposeful connections and intuitive insight.

About the Scriptor: I’m a college student with a passion for life, community, and using technology to help others. I’m pursuing a double major in computer science and international business, but this blog is focused on sharing thoughts related to social media and marketing (I do freelance work in this area), along with highlighting interesting people, unique and well-run businesses and general resources I’ve found valuable. – Olivia Fletcher

I welcome your comments and questions; please feel free to point out any errors you notice as well.

E-mail me at olivia [at] journeyscript [dot] com. | You can also follow me on Twitter: @journeyscript